Lithe-Fider Creatures


Another addition to my lithefidercreatures owl family came yesterday!

She has so much character, and all the different colors in the wet-felted wool really make her pop! The fabric of her back is so smooth and beautiful, too!

I am always amazed by Nyssa’s talent, skill, and customer service. I will, in the future, order from her again!

Awww she really fits in with your group! :D Lovely!  Thank you

bowtiesandlions said: Nyssa I got another one of your owls and I stg my room with be 100% lithefider plushies in the future I NEED HELP BC I CANT STOP GETTING YOUR CUTE THINGS ITS GONNA KILL ME

Dawww >u<  Well I am glad you like them!  Thank you!


I will be shipping them out tomorrow too.  Cha!

Boxing up owls! :)

Boxing up owls! :)

Also a new pair of neon antlers, and 2 drawstring bags in the shop! :)

A little batch of owls in the shop! :)  I have 2 more fuzzy young adult and a mama Ice Owl to do too so those should be up in the next few days too.


Found a little quilt shop in Lee MA, “Pumpkin Patch Quilts” on our way north to go camping! Bought some super cute fabric!

Croissant pattern, aw yiss


So I saw this fabulous felt croissant saltandpuff made and was like THAT IS A GREAT COSPLAY PROP IDEA.  So I patterned up my own ‘lego’ croissant. This is my test one with polyester felt, I’ll make a nicer one in wool felt.  Always a good idea to make a test with cheaper materials tho.




As it is sewing related I’m reblogging this here too :’D

Heads up on incoming owls next week (After the 20th)

I had to take time to decompress after Anthrocon (and edit / post cosplay pics), then I was working on commissions…and now I’m about to go on an annual camping trip (I leave in 2 days) so I have been preparing for that.

I’m prepping up a batch of owls to sew/stuff while on my downtime on the long drive.  So that when I return I can have them to post in my store!

A custom small quizzy for hurtanminttu . Themed around a certain Bajoran officer!  ;)

Our handsome lion-cut cat posing with my new little owl&#160;!! (Don’t worry - hes not allowed to play with it&#160;! Just cuddle it ) Thanks again! :D

CUTIE. What is one well behaved cat! Thanks again for being a great table neighbor at Anthocon! :)

Our handsome lion-cut cat posing with my new little owl !! (Don’t worry - hes not allowed to play with it ! Just cuddle it ) Thanks again! :D

CUTIE. What is one well behaved cat! Thanks again for being a great table neighbor at Anthocon! :)

epiphanyofstupidity said: Bought your pastel-blue antler clips and I'm extremely happy with them! Don't know if you remember me but I also stopped by in fursuit as a bumblebee bunny.

I remember!  Your suit was very unique!  I sadly got no photo of you.  :(  If you ever have photos of you wearing my antlers I’d love to see them!  Thank you! 


My new foam core shelf set display I made worked perfectly!  I love it a lot!  I sold ALL my main plush and the bags cept 2 fox small ones (there were more owls and clip ons too, I did that thing of sewing them over the weekend…I brought many to stuff/sew up at the table).

Display looking good this year! :) At Anthrocon 2014

More cute things going on around my studio.  :)  A large chibi quad, and a very rainbowy pony with long wool locks.

I made a bunch of simple but effective drawstring bags (will be for sale at my Anthrocon table).  Three of them are my own designed fabric (the pink/yellow/blue themed smaller ones).  They feel satisfying to open and close. The top part is doubled over to look decorative and awesome.  The inside is not lined, but I surged all the inside seams and use only use quality fabrics, not that cheap shit.

I was thinking $15 for the small ones with my printed fabric, $14 for the other smalls, and $17 for the big ones (prices include sales tax). What you think?