Lithe-Fider Creatures

skyjaymiller asked: So I was scrolling through your plushes, and I have to say that I'm reeeaaally looking forward to seeing your booth at Zenkaikon c:

Thank you so much! X3  Come early - I won’t have as much stock as I would have wanted normally (been busy with cosplay and commissions) but I can say I will have 3 large chibi quads, around 5 vintage style (2 cats 3 bunnies), 5 quizzys, 2 cowls, and a gaggle of owls, and then a little general con stock like buttons, some felt pins, clip on antlers/horns, and a wallet or two.  If I magically have time I hope to also make a deer for the mix. 

The completed custom!  The request was for the TipToe Bunny to mimic ‘Mey Rin’ from Black Bulter in theme.  :)  The blue of the bunny’s body is velour, and the rest is various quilting cottons.  The face is hand made wool felt.  The apron is removable but the head piece is not.

Some in progress of a tip toe bunny commission!  Meant to be inspired by Mey Rin from Black Butler.



A huge WOW for all of you who follow my work!  Thank you!!

A custom deer!  The customer drew a sketch for him! Art by lilbluecorvette.  It is not required though to do this, but it does let me see exactly what you envision.  He came out darling!

Bag I made for my friend DigitalDuckie! <3  Free motion Quilted outside and liner, with appliqued on duck, octopus, and fish.

Feeling Quixotic: An Ode to Lithe Fider


Let me show you the thing Lithe Fider made for me.

Here are two of her pictures, because she has way better lighting and setup than I could ever hope for:



Nyssa has basically the exact same visual aesthetic as me: we are sort of obsessed with pastel rainbows and spectrums and soft things. When I saw her owls at Anthrocon in 2013 I couldn’t stop thinking about what Zal would look like in her style. It was 100% perfect for his “pastel rainbow tie-dye” quixotic form.

To my extreme delight, she accepted the commission.

I received Zal last week, just before my epic departure to Asia. I pretty much died.

My boyfriend watched me flail around squeaking and making incomprehensible noises of joy. I pulled him out of Nyssa’s ever-fantastic packaging (seriously, opening her boxes is half the fun), and couldn’t stop just twirling him slowly around in my hands, staring at all of these impeccable, wonderful details. Nyssa got Zal exactly right, and the quality of her sewing is unreal. I’ve commissioned several different types of plushes - none come anywhere close to Nyssa’s craftsmanship.


Let’s just look at this for a second:

  • Hand-painted eyes
  • Free-sewn decorative patterning on the hand-dyed wool
  • Four embedded feathers for Zal’s head pieces
  • ITTY BITTY EARS with a different fabric on the inside
  • Hand-sewn adorable mouth and cutie bop nose
  • Lush wool mane


AND THESE WINGS!!!!  With the pastel swirlies and polka dots on them!! LOOK AT THEM!!!! And I am *pretty* sure they have wire armature in them for posing but am TOO DARN NERVOUS to do anything but stare at Zal in admiration.


This shows off three things: the absolutely adorable polka dotted tiny pawpads, the little wisps of the pin/rainbow fur that she used for Zal’s foot floofs, and in the background you can sort of see the little insert that she used on his belly, to make sure that it is all round and full and adorable.


And LETS NOT FORGET THE TAIL with its stunning custom rainbow fur job, its firm lovely little blade, and armature, and the pink poof at the end (unpictured) that perfectly perfectly perfectly matches the references I gave Nyssa.


So yes, Quixotic Zal is absolutely perfect. I have never been happier about a plushie commission. It is so much more awesome than I even dreamed.

Nyssa, THANK YOU. Like a bazillion times thank you. Thank you for making such joyful, colorful creatures, thank you for letting me have one, thank you for putting more fluff and rainbow into the world.


WAhhh thank you Chelsea for the awesome review and highlights on my details!  ;u; So happy you love him!!

As a reminder to people, I will not remake a creature just like Zal as he is Manojalpa’s OC, but I am using the base body now like I use my Chibi Quadruped body, to do various fantasy creatures with. :D I can put different heads/tails on it. Though I personally will mostly use it to make colorful lion/cat like things as it is meant to look like a pawed creature. 

I’ll be categorizing it under the tag ‘Fantasy Quad' on my blog.  Though any creatures made from it with a mane will also be tagged 'lion’.

Dear lord this fabric is adorable. Riley Blake’s ‘Unicorns and rainbows’.

the-goggles asked: You sew the bodies and then add the faces, correct? Do you hand sew the faces on, then? Also, do you add things like ears/details after the initial body is sewn? Thanks!

By faces I assume you mean the head, then yes  :)  Most of my patterns involve separate heads if the character has a neck.  It’s easier patterning wise, but also then I can invert the body through the neck hole and be one less ladder-stitched up hole for people to see.  Ears I usually try to sew into a seam (cleaner / saves time), tails I generally sew on the outside though. 

Everyone does these things different there is no right or wrong way  :) !

Plush Making (Patterning) Advice 2.0


I get asked this a lot so here is a re-post!  Under a cut cause it is long.

Also here is a master post on fabric I use for plushies!  (From how they sew, stretch, where to get them, and where I use them when).

I give a lot of advice here on how to do things based on my experiences, but the only way to get good at making plush is to DO IT!  You gotta try, fail, experiment, try again, fail better.  And while I only talk about general construction here, a lot of a quality looking plush besides design is quality materials (and getting used to how to sew them!) and sewing neatly by hand / machine.

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Custom Plush Base Prices

Been trying to make some pages that have easy to follow base prices / add ons for when people ask about customs.  Here is what I have so far!

A reminder that atm I am not taking 100% customs (as in making a whole new pattern for you), only customs of my existing (original) creature styles.  However you are totally okay to get your OC made from these bases if you want, but I’m trying to steer clear of copyrighted characters and keep things original! 

Sorry I have been quiet, I was away at Anime Boston!  I was not selling there but was attending and cosplaying of course.  I did buy a really quality art doll creature, I’ll take pics tomorrow!

I was cosplaying and still rockin my Archimedes plush with my Medic costume.  :)  He gets a lot of love.

ellychnia asked: Would you recommend Janome? I've recently discovered that sewing machines are much, much easier to use than I remember them being when I was 12 and trying to learn to sew, and that's the brand I'm leaning towards after reading lots of reviews.

I like my Janome 6600P - we bought a gently used floor model from a dealer (saving a few hundred dollars).  For me, I wanted was more precision and smooth free motion quilting.  I do some really really tiny sewing and ‘hard to sew’ materials (like microsuede, fur, spandex, etc).  my Janome has a built in walking foot which helps with slippy materials, and as it is an electronic machine I have precise control having the needle stop always full up for full down.  The arm on the side of the machine lets you do applique faster as it lets you lift the foot with your leg so you never have to take your hands off the thing you are turning around to sew.  As it has a deep throat it can be used to do larger projects more easily - it is meant for quilting, but it also makes large cosplays easier to fit in there.

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Took some pics of me holding Zal before I sent him off so you could see scale. :) He’s not HUGE but is just the perfect size I think!

My table went from an explosion of rainbow to clean again to make room for new things.  Always so funny to see it so clear.  :’D