Lithe-Fider Creatures

catqueenbia said: do you ever plan to sell some of the bows/star clips you make? they're super cute and i want like 20

Indeed I do!  I’d not thought of making bows before but in making my fairy kei outfit I was like I WANNA MAKE BOWS. I have quite the fabric collection and it seemed like a fun way to use bits of it.  I’d be happy to sell them to people who want to buy them!.

I made that batch you saw for AnimeUSA but any stock that doesn’t sell will be online for sale.  I’ll most likely try and set up my unused StoreEnvy for that, as then it’ll save me money in fees (you can use credit card or paypal and you do not need a Storenvy account to buy things off the site).  My Etsy is more for my plush not accessories anyway. 

I’ll of course advertise anything for sale here on my tumblr - it will not go missed.  :)

Finished backpack for my fairy kei outfit.  I altered this backpack.  I covered up the original decal with some fleece stars.  I airbrushed the whole thing lighter pink / hints of blue. I added a bow, buttons, tulle, strap extensions, and big sewn wired wings!  The wig I also airbrushed to soften the bright yellow parts, adding more pink and blur streaks in the front.  I kept it in the position I wanted with a bow I made.  It will have some more smaller plastic clips as well as little bows on the long pink parts at the end.

The batch of bows (and one random star haha) for artist alley con stock for upcoming AnimeUSA.  These are super fun to sew, and do a good job of showing off cute fabric from my collection!  I have lots of unique fabric from quilt shops and rummage sales, some of it vintage, imported, or my own design off spoonflower. Most are snap hair clips and some are pins (for putting on a collar, bag, or skirt).  The little felt rimmed ones are my own handmade wool felt.

If they sell I’ll make more to sell online, and course any extra will be for sale online after con. :)  If you see a style or fabric you love and must have for an outfit, shoot me a message or an email, I can make one similar for you in pin or hairclip. Prices vary from $5 to $15.  Size is apx. 2” for the smallest, 3-4” medium, 4-5” large. USA First Class S/H with tracking is $3.75 for up to 3 bows.

A mild alteration on my usual drawstring bag pattern, this one had added sturdy handles, interfaced circle bottom, and lining, to be more of a purse then a stow sack/dice bag.  :)  It will cost more for it as it is a lot more complex, but purses are that way as it is so, I figure that’s okay.  The light colored one has my own designed fabric on it I got printed at Spoonflower. These will be for sale at AnimeUSA.

PS: the new constellation fabric I found GLOWS IN THE DARK.  I am also making some antlers with it >u>

An owl batch in progress.  Most of these are going to the con, but if I get enough made next week (I’m making double this amount atm) I might put a few online while I’m away at the con (I feel bad my store has been so empty!  I know you all want owl babs <3 )

I’m not dead! *sends love to all my followers*

Just been super busy working.  As you know I am selling at AnimeUSA October 3rd weekend.  I have been cutting and sewing main parts, leaving stuffing and hand sewing finishing work to do while I am visiting my friend aliceapproved all next week.  :D

I will make creatures for online selling all winter though as I have no cons I am selling at again till spring, plus I am selling at maybe just 2 cons next year and plan to do a lot more online focus as well. I want to make some new designs too!

Ladybug pin I did for a commission.  The ladybug is needle felted, the leaf is handmade wool felt on top of wool felt base, with free motion quilting. c:

paeoniadrop said: Hi Nyssa, I was wondering if you brought bags for your dolls for conventions. I am trying to figure out what to order right now or how best to package things. Thanks!

I have bigger and smaller bags, yea.  I think presentation and packaging is very important, not to mention sending my cuties into the world safely. 

I use my custom stamp on the large bags for big/expensive plush, which are the standard size plain paper gift bags you see at craft stores.  It’s actually very cost effective to buy the 13-packs there with a 40-50% coupon (with a 40% they are $4.20 for the pack, so 33 cents a bag, it is the same price per bag as buying online under like 50 bags, due to shipping). 

I also have some cute lil plastic bags (with handle holes) for smaller items.  I got mine on etsy.  On etsy and ebay people sell various packs (25, 50, or 100) of plastic bags.  On etsy I searched plastic bag with handles.  Plastic bags are WAY more cost effective, but I like the protection of the paper shopping bag for the more delicate/large plush.
I also have some organza bags I use for antlers, or when someone want’s a small-midsize something gift wrapped.  You can buy them in larger sizes online.  Mine came out to 54 cents a bag for 6x9” size.

There are many other shapes and sizes of packaing out there too!

Oh no they’re multiplying.

funkdracula said: OMG will you maybe sell some of these on your etsy later? I’m DYING for that tiny green one now .o.

Aw yea!  Like anything that doesn’t sell will go up online for sale.  Also if people are buying them I will make more to sell for sure.  I know hair accessories are a huge market, as in I’d get lost in the crowd on etsy, but the fairy kei/decora market is a lot more specialized and a smaller pool, so that’s good.  (I’ll PM you about selling you a green bow btw <3 I’d not mind to make another.)

Oh no I learned how to make cute accessories, it’s addictive!  I won’t spend too much time on them tho, wanna have plush at my AnimeUSA table of course!  But do expect some fairy kei / pastel hair /pin / bracelets / necklaces for sale.  Very much with my aesthetic at least.  :)

Wings that will be put on a little back wire apparatus for a fairy kei outfit I’m planning.  Made with layered solid cottons and import little twin star fabric on the other side.  Will also get a swirl painted on in that little round area of the yellow.

You may be shocked to know I did not have these colorways.  So I had to buy them of course.  (Also as I am planning a fairy kei outfit and am making wooly dreads for it)

Quick snaps of the second ever little scrappy fox design.  He is rainbowy!  I love stripey upcycled wool sweater. I wish it was easier to come by.  I snap it up when I can at thrift stores but half of it I have is bought online.  He is also made with minky, a little fleece on the tail, and handmade wool felt on the face / heart on the head. His body / limbs will be weighted with pellets too for extra floppy factor.  He WILL be for sale when he is done.  :)

Remember this guy [x]?  I am finally fixing the body pattern from the original prototype cause I wanna make some to sell!  I wanted him to have more butt so he sat better (Also the tail is gonna be better).  The little test body I just made looks like a headless, legless hamster LOL.

What should I call these things?  They are a scrappy fox kinda creature made with recycled wool sweaters and minky.