Lithe-Fider Creatures

Wings that will be put on a little back wire apparatus for a fairy kei outfit I’m planning.  Made with layered solid cottons and import little twin star fabric on the other side.  Will also get a swirl painted on in that little round area of the yellow.

You may be shocked to know I did not have these colorways.  So I had to buy them of course.  (Also as I am planning a fairy kei outfit and am making wooly dreads for it)

Quick snaps of the second ever little scrappy fox design.  He is rainbowy!  I love stripey upcycled wool sweater. I wish it was easier to come by.  I snap it up when I can at thrift stores but half of it I have is bought online.  He is also made with minky, a little fleece on the tail, and handmade wool felt on the face / heart on the head. His body / limbs will be weighted with pellets too for extra floppy factor.  He WILL be for sale when he is done.  :)

Remember this guy [x]?  I am finally fixing the body pattern from the original prototype cause I wanna make some to sell!  I wanted him to have more butt so he sat better (Also the tail is gonna be better).  The little test body I just made looks like a headless, legless hamster LOL.

What should I call these things?  They are a scrappy fox kinda creature made with recycled wool sweaters and minky.

Cute instructions I usually ship with my clip-on antlers/ears/horns.  I revamped them a little recently though!

Introducing a variant on my Quizzy dragons, A large ‘Mama Quizzy’!  I gave her elongated proportions all over to emphasize that ‘adult’ look, not to mention cute back wings!  She stands about 8 inches tall, is made with soft minky, and has button jointed arms you can pose.  There is light airbrushed fades on the arms, vintage lace collar, tail, and legs.  She also has hand stitched wool felt eye patches and foot bottoms.

She is for adoption, $75 total (that includes USA shipping).  International customers add $7 extra for shipping.  Please PM me if you are interested.  :)  If no one claims her on here within a week I’ll put her in my Etsy store. Cheers!  She is adopted! Thank you!  :)


the girl and the firefly

Child of Light - Queen Aurora - pinklikeme/saccharinesylph
Igniculus - lithefidercreatures
Photography - vantasticmess

My plushie in action!!  Looking good Lily!

A young adult owl that was made as a gift to my friend gigigachi   :)

A slug plush I whipped up for a commission - though people have been telling me they like it so much I ought to just sell some.  XD  What do you think?  He is minky with airbrushed shading, wired eye stalks, and weighted with beans.  About 9” long.

Commission for my friend evermouse , this is her fursona!  :)  Thus plush is one of my ‘vintage style’ bases and I made a new head for it for her character, as well as a new tail.  I also gave this one thumbs, and lots of airbrushed details.  This plush stands about 11” tall and is made with minky and faux fur.


Sorry I’ve been so quiet - I was away at Otakon as you know!  I will be having more unique plushies for sale in coming weeks (as well as getting to a few backed up commissions), I really need to make some money asap as my car was broken into the last day we were in Baltimore.  :(  I need to replace a few hundred dollars worth of things…so yea, sucks…I’ll be okay, especially if some of my cuties get adopted <3  Cha!

Child of Light - Igniculus

A plushie commission for a friend to use as a cosplay prop.  He has a set of battery operated string diodes inside so he can glow!  He has a velcro opening at the bottom seam to access the battery pack / switch.  I airbrushed the blue color onto white fur for a ‘glow’ look even when you can’t see the light up effect in daylight.


Another addition to my lithefidercreatures owl family came yesterday!

She has so much character, and all the different colors in the wet-felted wool really make her pop! The fabric of her back is so smooth and beautiful, too!

I am always amazed by Nyssa’s talent, skill, and customer service. I will, in the future, order from her again!

Awww she really fits in with your group! :D Lovely!  Thank you

bowtiesandlions said: Nyssa I got another one of your owls and I stg my room with be 100% lithefider plushies in the future I NEED HELP BC I CANT STOP GETTING YOUR CUTE THINGS ITS GONNA KILL ME

Dawww >u<  Well I am glad you like them!  Thank you!


I will be shipping them out tomorrow too.  Cha!

Boxing up owls! :)

Boxing up owls! :)